Clawback Sample Text

Intel's 2006 Equity Incentive Plan -- see plan section 8(a)(v), found within Exhibit A to Intel's 2009 proxy statement (reformatted with highlighting added below for discussion purposes, e.g. red font for bad acts that trigger Intel's rights):

  • Suspension or Termination of Stock Options and SARs. If at any time (including after a notice of exercise has been delivered) the Committee, including any Subcommittee or administrator authorized pursuant to Section 3(b) (any such person, an "Authorized Officer"), reasonably believes that a Participant, other than an Outside Director, has committed an act of misconduct as described in this Section, the Authorized Officer may suspend the Participant's right to exercise any Stock Option or SAR pending a determination of whether an act of misconduct has been committed. 
  • If the Committee or an Authorized Officer determines a Participant, other than an Outside Director, has committed an act of embezzlement, fraud, dishonesty, nonpayment of any obligation owed to Intel, breach of fiduciary duty or deliberate disregard of Corporation rules resulting in loss, damage or injury to the Corporation, or if a Participant makes an unauthorized disclosure of any Corporation trade secret or confidential information, engages in any conduct constituting unfair competition, induces any customer to breach a contract with the Corporation or induces any principal for whom Intel acts as agent to terminate such agency relationship, neither the Participant nor his or her estate shall be entitled to exercise any Stock Option or SAR whatsoever. ​
  • In addition, for any Participant who is designated as an "executive officer" by the Board of Directors, if the Committee determines that the Participant engaged in an act of embezzlement, fraud or breach of fiduciary duty during the Participant's employment that contributed to an obligation to restate the Corporation's financial statements ("Contributing Misconduct"), the Participant shall be required to repay to the Corporation, in cash and upon demand, the Option Proceeds (as defined below) resulting from any sale or other disposition (including to the Corporation) of Shares issued or issuable upon exercise of a Stock Option or SAR if the sale or disposition was effected during the twelve-month period following the first public issuance or filing with the SEC of the financial statements required to be restated. 
  • The term "Option Proceeds" means, with respect to any sale or other disposition (including to the Corporation) of Shares issuable or issued upon exercise of a Stock Option or SAR, an amount determined appropriate by the Committee to reflect the effect of the restatement on the Corporation's stock price, up to the amount equal to the number of Shares sold or disposed of multiplied by the difference between the market value per Share at the time of such sale or disposition and the exercise price. ​
  • The return of Option Proceeds is in addition to and separate from any other relief available to the Corporation due to the executive officer's Contributing Misconduct. Any determination by the Committee or an Authorized Officer with respect to the foregoing shall be final, conclusive and binding on all interested parties. For any Participant who is an executive officer, the determination of the Committee or of the Authorized Officer shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

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