Multiemployer (Union) Pension Plans

 >>> See also ERISA Controlled Group Litigation, for cases relating to withdrawal liability.

2016.06.17  PBGC Report Warns of Need for Dramatic Increases in Premium Rate.  This PBGC funding report begins with the following warning:

  • As shown in this report, the amount of premium revenue needed to pay average projected obligations varies substantially depending on whether premiums are to be sufficient for 10 or for 20 years, the degree to which plans adopt suspensions and partitions, and the extent to which premiums are not paid out of existing plan assets or otherwise assessed so as to avoid accelerating the insolvency of troubled plans. The range of potential increases is wide, ranging from 59 percent to 85 percent for 10 year solvency and from 363 percent to 552 percent for 20 year solvency. 

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