Restrictive Covenants - International

(i.e. outside U.S.)



  • 2013.Jun.14  French Supreme Court Upholds Change in Control Good Reason Resignation with Severance. See Alert re Altran case.
  • 2012.May.2   French Supreme Court Invalidates Non-Compete related to Share Purchase Transaction.  The buyer of a French company imposed a non-competition requirement on the seller through the share purchase agreement, but not in a separate employment agreement by which the seller because an employee of buyer.  The employee succeeded in invalidating the non-compete for being overly broad in time and geographic scope based on standard French employment law principles.
  • 2011.Oct.12  Dismissal for Breach of Loyalty. The French Supreme Court has ruled that, in the case of an employee on sick leave who was caught working at his wife's market stand, the employer must nevertheless prove that the employee's activity while on leave was detrimental to the company in order for the company to validly dismiss the employee for breach of the duty of loyalty. Cass. Soc. 12 October 2011, No. 10-16649.


  • ​2019.08.07  U.K. Supreme Court Clarifies Test for Trimming Non-Compete Clauses - Lexology Alert.

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