SEC 8-K Disclosures re

Transition Periods in CEO Retirement and Exit Scenarios

AK Steel (10/27/15)  – notice 9 weeks before retirement.

General Electric (8/29/16) – notice 16 weeks before retirement.

  • NOTE GE’s 8-K ALSO DISCLOSED: “In connection with Mr. Sherin's retirement, the Company and Mr. Sherin will enter into an agreement pursuant to which GE will provide certain compensation arrangements, including: (1) Mr. Sherin will be eligible to receive a 2016 annual cash bonus and a prorated 2016-2018 long-term performance award payment based upon actual Company performance, each in accordance with GE's normal processes; (2) Mr. Sherin's equity awards will be treated consistently with the benefits provided to other GE Capital employees impacted by the GE Capital Exit Plan, resulting in accelerated vesting of his outstanding stock options with up to a five-year post-retirement exercise period, restricted stock units and performance share units (subject to actual Company performance) that were otherwise scheduled to vest after his retirement date; and (3) Mr. Sherin will vest at age 60 under the GE Supplementary Pension Plan with benefits based on his approximately 35 years of service as of the retirement date and be paid a comparable monthly allowance upon his retirement to age 60.”

Procter & Gamble (6/1/16) – notice 4 weeks before retirement.

Jacobs Engineering (11/24/24) –notice 5 weeks before retirement.

Energizer (11/3/2004) – notice 11 weeks before retirement.