Surveys of Total Compensation - and Components

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2018.11.13  Human Resource Executives - see this Equilar report for excellent total compensation data that includes industry-specific charts, as well as data focused on the different components of HR executive compensation. 

2018.06.01  Clawbacks, Anti-Hedging, and Post-Vesting Holding Periods.  As reported in the ClearBridge 100 Report ("comprised of 100 S&P 500 ® companies to provide a database representative of compensation practices and trends across the broad U.S. market"), 96% or more of the surveyed companies have policies that impose clawback rights, that prohibit hedging transactions involving employer stock, and that require executives to meet stock ownership guidelines before they dispose of their stock awards. 

2017 Fall   Deloitte re Total Comp.  This 54-page report is loaded with useful survey data drawn from over 200 responses, with many results presented on an industry segment basis.

2016.May.04  "Trends and Developments in Executive Compensation" Meridian Partners Report, with detailed data about bonus determinants, LTI award levels, and the preparation process (such as steps taken in anticipation of ISS review).

2012.Dec.08  Global Convergence of Executive Compensation Shown.  A comprehensive study titled "Are U.S. CEOs Paid More? New International Evidence" involved a survey of several thousand E.U., U.K. and U.S. companies.  Highlights of the study include findings that --
"[(1] the US pay premium is modest after controlling for firm, ownership, board, and CEO characteristics; [2] . . .  higher [U.S. CEO pay is] associated with a larger fraction of equity-based pay; and [3] CEO pay levels and the use of equity-based compensation are positively related to variables routinely used as proxies for better monitoring and better governance, namely institutional ownership and board independence."  

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